Global footprint

We are a fast growing company

Our headquarters, main office and laboratory are in Barcelona, where our Company was founded. 

We have our own logistics warehouse also in Barcelona. We work with several toll manufacturing plants located in Spain. 

We have clients in many different countries, such as Spain and other South European countries, China, India, Latin America and MEA. 

We have recently opened a commercial office in Colombia, as part of our growth strategy. 

Our products worldwide

Latin America


DIFLUPROTEKT SC: Diflufenican 50SC.
Pre-emergence herbicide to control broadleaves weeds in rice.

Selective herbicide for weed control in rice (broadleaves, grass and Cyperaceous).


SPINOPROTEKT 480 SC: Spinosad 480 g/L SC.
Insecticide for broccoli, maize and roses.

HACHA – ROSS: Glufosinate amonium 200 g/L SL.
Systemic herbicide for banana.

REAL B-40: Bispyribac 400g/L SC 1L. Systemic herbicide for rice.

ROOSLITO: Lambda-cyhalothrin 106 g/L + Thiametoxam 141g/L SC. Insecticide for tomato.

IBRIDEX: Azoxystrobin 200 g/L + Cyproconazole 8 g/L EC. Fungicide for rice.

ABAMEK: Abamectin 18g /L EC. Insecticide – acaricide for roses and papaya.

ROOSMATA: Lambda-cyhalothrin 106 g/L + Thiametoxam 141 g/L SC. Insecticide – acaricide for tomato.

RUSCONAZOLE: Difenoconazole 250g/L EC. Systemic fungicide for banana.

RIDIN: Epoxiconazole 125 g/L + Tebuconazole 125 g/L SC. Systemic fungicide for roses.

MAYOROOS: Sulfentrazone 480g/L SC. Herbicide for sugar cane.

STELLA ROOS: Tridemorph 960 g/L OL. Systemic fungicide for banana.



ABAPROTEK 1,8EC: Abamectina 18 g/L EC. Insecticide – acaricide for tomato, citrus and apple.


BENTAPROTEKT: Bentazona 480 g/L SL. Contact herbicide for cereals.

CLETOPROTEKT: Cletodim 240 g/L EC. Systemic herbicide for legumes.